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Bocancea Law Firm

We are an immigration law firm. We advise clients from all over the world on U.S. immigration law and visa matters. Our fundamental goal is to help our clients successfully accomplish their immigration-related objectives. Our experienced team offers dynamic and creative solutions to a wide range of complex U.S. immigration problems. With offices in the United States and Romania, Bocancea Law Firm is the only U.S. immigration law firm in Eastern Europe, and we are uniquely positioned to serve our European clients. We also speak several languages.

When thinking about doing business in the United States temporarily or permanently, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side. Our team has over 20 years of combined experience, having worked with various types of clients. While some immigration procedures may appear simple at first, the legal considerations and ramifications that pertain to immigration are highly complex. Far too often our firm is contacted to do damage control after a situation has escalated. The consequences of not getting it right the first time vary anywhere from costly delays to a negative decision. Most errors made by those who self-represent would can generally be avoided if assisted by an experienced immigration lawyer.

Bocancea Law Firm’s practice areas include:

Temporary visas for professionals, executives, investors, high-achievers and others

E-1/E-2 treaty trader/investor visas

F student visas, including “cap-gap,” OPT (Optional Practical Training) work authorization and STEM extensions

H-1B visas for “specialty occupation workers,” including LCAs (Labor Condition Applications) and LCA Compliance Files

J visas for interns, trainees, scholars, au pairs, teachers and medical residents

K visas for fiancées and spouses of U.S. citizens

L visas for international managerial and specialized knowledge transferees

O visas for persons of extraordinary ability in business, the arts, science, athletics and entertainment

P visas for athletes, artists, and entertainers

TN (Trade NAFTA) and other “free trade” visas for Mexicans, Canadians, Chileans, Singaporeans and Australians

PERM Labor Certification, which is the first, most critical step in employer-sponsored immigrant visa (green card) applications

Employment-related PERM-based green card applications for foreign professionals, skilled/unskilled workers and those with advanced degrees or exceptional ability

Non-PERM-based green card applications for persons of extraordinary ability, outstanding researchers, multinational managers, and high-achievers qualifying for national interest waivers of PERM certification

Visa petitions for individuals and families, including citizenship applications